We provide all services for successful business application development.

From the first requirements evaluation to the productive application we are on your side. Our experienced professionals cover the full stack of skills, which results in decreased project boot-up times, a frictionless development process and smooth deployment in production.

If desired we will setup the project infrastructure (git, issue-tracker, wiki, dev environments) on our cloud infrastructure, which allows us and you to start with development instantly. Stop waiting for internal business processes and start working on your business value right away.

Our goal is to reduce any unnecessary overhead from the development and operations process to fully concentrate on delivering the business value.

Agile Software Development

Architecture and Development of Cloud Native Java Enterprise Applications with Spring Framework and Java EE.

Automatic testing and quality assurance with Jenkins, Sonar, JUnit, Test-Driven-Development.

Agile Coaching

Scrum, Kanban and anything in between. We tailor the agile process to your needs and we support you living it.

Micro-service based architectures for Big Data and IoT

Design and development of micro-service based architectures for high volume, high velocity and high variety use cases using Apache Kafka, Apache Hadoop and the Spring Framework.

Web-UI Development and Design

Design and UX by professional designers, Modern web technologies like ReactJS, Angular and ES6.

Cloud Architecture and Operations

Public cloud (AWS, Azure, GCE), private cloud, hybrid cloud. We deploy your application in production, set up logging, monitoring, incident management and train your operations team if needed.

Our technology stack contains (but is not limited to). Kubernetes, Prometheus, Grafana, EFK.

Machine Learning and Data Science

Enhance your company’s knowledge by the power of neural networks and classical machine learning algorithms for process optimization, threat detection, uncovering hidden insights, user-tailored recommendations and market exploration.

Gain advantage over the competition by checking out our Data Science services.

Training and Coaching

We offer training and coaching on all topics which we use in our daily business work. Please take a look at our trainings overview.

Contact us and we will plan a training tailored to your exact needs.