Cloud Infrastructure for Power Generators and IoT

Our client already sold roughly 20,000 gas engines worldwide when we started the project. The data of up to several thousands of sensors in each of those engines has to be sent to the new cloud to make sure everything is monitored properly and is working as expected. This enriched data then is being made available to data scientists and the customers so they are able to monitor and diagnose the engines in near realtime.

When we started, the whole software stack of our client still ran within the boundaries of the huge cloud environment of their parent company. We had to spin up an own infrastructure for all their needs and prepared a smooth migration path for the whole stack while it was operating. To achieve goals like his we treat operations as a software problem and automate many tasks.

We decided to use Terraform, Ansible and Kubernetes to realize such an environment and through our experience with the major cloud providers we were able to design, implement and help to migrate everything in time at a global scale.

The company now has an easy to scale architecture on their hands with proper abstractions. Thus nonexpert adopters are now able to leverage this software stack to run and manage their infrastructure for years to come.