IoT (Internet of Things) and Industry 4.0

The development of smaller and faster microchips and the upcoming cloud technologies in the 21st century enable companies and industries to collect huge amounts of sensor data in realtime. Almost any product can be fitted with a device to collect real-time data, be it an industry robot, coffee maker or even pieces of clothes, this is the era of IoT, the Internet of Things.

The collected data then can be processed in real-time with advanced event-streaming architectures and analyzed by modern Big Data mining techniques and machine learning.

Especially interesting for industry companies are the possibilities of predictive maintenance and remote control of machinery, as well as the optimized tuning of production parameters and workflows.

We help our customers to harvest the full benefits of the data age by supporting them in all project phases, from software architecture, development and agile coaching to continuous delivery and cloud operations.

Our Customer

IoT Automated Production Line

Our customer delivers innovative solutions for the IoT, IIoT and Industry 4.0, connected products, advanced analytics, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, augmented reality and edge and cloud services.

Thanks to 15 years’ experience, 150 successful IoT projects and 1,000,000 networked devices, they know exactly which challenges companies face when implementing IoT and IIoT projects and can help them realize their vision.

We supported our customer in several projects, designing, implementing and testing use-cases based on their core product: a market-leading IoT platform.

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These are some projects we did for our customer.

IoT Microservice Platform (Java, Spring, Kafka)

We supported our customer with the architecture, development and maintenance of an IoT platform solution for an automotive customer. This included the following tasks:

IoT Edge-Device Development (Golang, Ubuntu Core, Snap)

For a customer of the branch industry automation, we developed an IoT Edge Device in order to collect information from a machine park and securely transmitting them to the cloud-based IoT platform.

Remote VR Maintenance using MS Hololens

We supported our customer with the creation of a remote maintenance service for a customer from the industrial robotics field.

The service personnel uses the MS Hololens device to interactively communicate with the maintenance experts sitting in a central office. The experts remotely consult and guide the service personnel, thus providing faster and more cost-efficient support abilities.


You need support realizing your awesome IoT project? Contact us: info ( at )